“Can Somebody Impeach this Motherf*cker…?” – Twitter Exec Caught Cursing Trump, Dan Scavino and WH Advisor Stephen Miller

President Trump speaks at Social Media Summit at the White House, July 11, 2019, by Jim Hoft.

Republican Senator and outspoken critic of social media bias Josh Hawley (MO) was also invited to speak at the White House event.

The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft was invited to the White House Tech Censorship Summit and attended the meeting.

The summit was called after years of complaints by conservative publishers and pundits that the tech giants are censoring, blocking and eliminating conservative content online.


This is not even disputed anymore in most circles.

It may have something to do with the far left environments and officials at these tech giants.

On Monday news broke that a senior Twitter manager who has called for jailing and impeaching President Trump and slammed the White House social media chief with four-letter slurs.

The Washington Examiner reported:

Twitter Senior Engineering Manager Ian Brown’s tweets have assailed Trump, White House social media chief Dan Scavino Jr., top aide Stephen Miller, GOP lawmakers including Sen. Rand Paul, and supporters like Turning Point USA chief Charlie Kirk.

In a recent tweet he suggested that restaurant workers were tampering with Eric Trump’s food, after the president’s son said he was spit on at a Chicago eatery. “If @EricTrump is upset about getting spit on by a restaurant employee, I have some bad news about the food and drinks he’s being served,” Brown tweeted June 26.

This was from Ian Brown’s account in April.

And here is Ian Brown’s account in January.

It’s really no surprise that Twitter is silencing conservative voices when they have far left thugs on their staff like Ian Brown.

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