AWFUL! Former Bill Clinton Press Secretary Joe Lockhart Calls Trump Supporters ‘Resentful, uneducated people screaming for blood from people of color’

Joe Lockhart, press secretary to President Bill Clinton during his second term impeachment, went on an epic 21 tweet meltdown over President Donald Trump Wednesday afternoon. Lockhart calls his anti-Trump Twitter tantrums “shadow briefings” in lieu of the Trump administration cancelling daily briefings by the press secretary. Wednesday’s shadow briefing was insane.

Lockahart not only attacked Trump and his administration, he also viciously attacked Trump supporters attending Wednesday night’s reelection campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina, calling then an “angry crowd of resentful, uneducated people screaming for blood from the people of color who are stealing everything from them.”

The first tweet and the ‘screaming for blood tweets are embedded with the text of the other nineteen tweets quoted below. Click the tweet to read the entire tantrum on Twitter if you prefer.

“1. Welcome to the WH #shadowbriefing where all the questions get asked and a few actually get answered. Since @PressSec has not done a single briefing yet, only the shadow briefing is here for the American public. To quote @ChrisCuomo let’s get after it.”

“2. As you read here yesterday, @realDonaldTrump is very pleased with how the whole racism campaign. He forced all but four Republicans to walk the plank and vote for him saying go back to where you come from is not racist. He believes if there was any doubt that he has totally”

“3. taken over and reshaped the Republican Party in his own image–that of a bigoted, misogynist white supremacist. He thinks that’s pretty cool. He also thinks the Dems are now defined by the squad and the public will roundly reject any party that tolerates people of color.”

“4. Given that, expect a whole bunch more tonight in North Carolina. He’ll have an angry crowd of resentful, uneducated people screaming for blood from the people of color who are stealing everything from them. It ought to be a real fun time. Remember, CNN sucks and the media”

“5. is the enemy of the people. Q. Does the President agree with his son Eric that 95% of America agrees with him. A. No. @potus thinks he son Eric is a moron and ignores everything he says. He said not even Rasmussen cooks the numbers that much. @realDonaldTrump does believe”

“6. that most white people are with him outside of Boston and San Francisco, he hates those cities. Q. What did the President think of the vote? A. Great unifying moment, just wished it could have been unanimous. Q. Will the President pressure his golf buddy @RandPaul to lift”

“7. the block on money for the 9/11 compensation fund. A Absolutely not. There isn’t any money left, just like there’s no more room for new immigrants. Didn’t you see the deficit was up 23% this year. This is no time to be spending new money on heroes who are about to die and”

“8. can’t vote for him anyway. Remember the President’s philosophy. Soldiers who get captured and endure years of torture are weak because they got captured. Men and women who got cancer saving lives on 9/11 are weak because they got cancer. @realDonaldTrump didn’t get cancer”

“9. Q. But didn’t Paul and POTUS work to pass a multi trillion tax cut mostly for corporations. A. what’s your point? There was money then and we spent it on what we wanted to spend it on. The rich. That’s who deserved a tax cut. The rich needed some wealth stimulation.”

“10. Q. There is some video of the President partying with Jeffrey Epstein at Mar A Lago and grabbing a women’s ass. Does the WH have a reaction to that? A. Not really. @realDonaldTrump and Jeffrey Epstein are good friends. They shared a lot of fun together and a lot of girls.”

“11. There is nothing about this video that should surprise or trouble anyone. 63 million people voted for @potus knowing he was a sexual assaulter, an accused rapist and someone who bragged about how much he liked to seen teen girls naked. So exactly what is the problem here?”

“12. Are you denying the President had sex with underage girls provided by Epstein. A. Of course I’m not denying that. It stands to reason he did. And because he thinks it’s ok, then it is ok. For god sake, he campaigned for a guy who was banned from shopping malls.”

“13. You guys all went to Harvard or Yale, what is it you can’t understand here. When you’re famous you can take what you want. And the people you take all enjoy it. Just ask them. Q. Another Federal judge has barred the citizenship question from the Census. Is the POTUS”

“14. disappointed. A. Not really. The whole point was to create a fight to show how much he hates people of color. He got that done. He’s got his party behind him, he’s got lots of white people behind him, he got the job done here. This is the genius of Trump. This is what”

“15. the whole campaign is going to be about. Hate and division. Remember last campaign, he knew he wasn’t going to build a wall and Mexico wasn’t going to pay for it. So he’s not worried he didn’t get anything done. He’s worried that people will stop being scared that brown”

“16. people are coming with drugs and crime and planning to rape everyone. without that fear, he’s got nothing. That’s why he locks them up in cages. When you see a bunch of people in cages they look scary, they look like they’re about to rape you. Q. But many of them are”

“17. children, how can you say that? A. POTUS believes they are MS-13 in training, like children wearing vest bombs ready to blow us up, after they’ve raped us. Fear is the whole game here. Fear of people who look different from you, maybe speak another language. Fear they”

“18. that they are taking something from you and it’s not your own damn laziness, drinking and lack of education that is keeping you back. To paraphrase Gordon Gekko, Fear is good, fear works. That’s what the President ran on last time and he’s gotten much better at it”

“19. Was the President surprised the DOJ has closed the campaign finance investigation? A Not at all. That what he told Barr he had to do in the interview. And we all know how well Barr is serving as his defense attorney. The Garner thing was just a little icing on the cake.”

“20. What’s the President’s message at the rally tonight. A. Did you just get here or are you stupid. Its about hate, man, hate black people, hate homosexuals, hate transgender, hate Latinos, hate Muslims, hate the media, hate Democrats, hate the squad, hate anyone who didn’t”

“21. vote for him. I can’t do anymore with this group, you’re clearly not paying attention… Let’s try again tomorrow. Don’t forget to listen to @WMM_podcast It’s where you hear the good shit.”


Lockhart’s rant shows how Democrats feel about the half of the country that voted for President Trump, calling his supporters bloodthirsty, racist, lazy, drunk and uneducated.

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