Angry ‘Foreigner’ Bursts into Italian Church During Mass, Demands Money, Threatens Elderly Nuns and Charges Priest on Altar

An angry young foreigner stormed into a the Sacred Heart Church in Pescara, Italy last weekend during mass. The young man screamed at worshippers, demanded money, harassed elderly nuns and tried to attack the priest on the altar.

Thankfully some men stopped the man before he got to the priest.



A young foreign man burst into a church in the Italian city of Pescara during mass, threatening the priest and parishioners while demanding money.

The incident occurred Saturday afternoon at the church of the Sacred Heart of Pescara at around 5:30pm and saw the suspect, described as a non-European Union foreigner, harass parishioners during the liturgy whilst getting increasingly more aggressive, Il Giornale reported.

After the parishioners refused to give the migrant money, he began to get angry, according to witnesses, and started shouting insults and threatening people. The young man is also said to have directly targeted the priest and several nuns who were also present.

Via il Giornale:

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