Ageist CNN Still Hates Bernie: CNN Holds Camera on Bernie and Shames Him for His Age (VIDEO)

Ten Democratic presidential candidates faced off tonight in the Democratic mecca of Detroit, Michigan in their second televised debate.
Ten candidates were scheduled for tonight’s debate and ten more for tomorrow night.

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren took the stage tonight.
The two far left senators pushed open borders and state-run healthcare.

In 2016 CNN contributor Donna Brazile screwed Bernie Sanders and famously leaked the debate questions to favorite Hillary Clinton before the debate.


And they still hate Bernie.

Tonight during the debate CNN honed in on Bernie while flashing a question about age.

“Should voters consider age when choosing a President?”

Notice they also kept the young energetic Mayor Pete Buttigieg in the shot…

Bernie is 77.
Liz Warren is 70.
Joe Biden is 76.

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