FACEBOOK LIVE AIRED VIDEO of St. Louis Police Officer Langsdorf Lying on the Floor After Execution — WHILE HE WAS DYING! (VIDEO)

UPDATE — The video of St. Louis Police Officer lying on the floor after he was shot in the back of the head was aired on FACEBOOK LIVE!!

Police Officer Michael Langsdorf and suspect 26 -year -old Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks

St. Louis County Police Officer Mike Langsdorf was killed in duty Sunday afternoon in North St. Louis County on Page Avenue.

Officer Langsdorf had been with the North County St. Louis Police Department for 3 months.

The suspect struggled with Officer Langsdorf and then shot him at point blank range in the back of the neck.
The bullet traveled through his neck and out his chest.


Video surveillance inside the store captured the entire incident.

Witnesses later posted video of the downed officer on YouTube.

Officer Langsdorf was executed as he lay face down on the floor.

Suspect Bonette Kymbrelle Meeks stood over Officer Langsdorf and shot him in the back of the neck.

In 2003 Mike rescued a little girl from a fire in her home in St. Louis city.
–AP- Post-Dispatch photo…

The video of Officer Langsdorf dying on the floor of the store was on FACEBOOK LIVE!

The video of Officer Langsdorf on the floor bleeding is still playing on YouTube.

Google-YouTube bans conservative content on their platform but allows this?

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