LIVE STREAM: ‘We Build the Wall’ Launches Wall-A-Thon Donations Drive Following Successful Completion of First Border Wall Project

Following the successful completion of their first major border wall project the heroes at We Build The Wall are under attack from powerful enemies.

On Monday ‘We Build the Wall, Inc. launched a major fundraising drive.

Democrats and establishment Republicans want to remake America through illegal immigration. They want cheap labor and cheap votes. Who will suffer from the Democrat and establishment Republican plan? Everyday Americans.

Private donations continue to stream in for the “We Build the Wall” non-profit organization by the minute.


Go to to track how frequently donations are coming in.

Here is the live stream video:

The money has already been used to construct a wall near Sunland Park, New Mexico.


Today, we are pleased to announce in partnership with We Build The Wall a “Wallathon” to raise more money for the wall beginning tonight at 6pm eastern:

Please watch by going to

Hosts include Steve Bannon, Brian Kolfage, Angel Families, Tom Tancredo and more.

Your favorite Gateway Pundit writers will make an appearance.

To donate to the wall effort, go here.

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