Violent Leftist Thug Attacks Trump Supporters at Protest — Spits in Woman’s Face – Is Quickly Arrested (VIDEO)

On Sunday a group of Trump supporters held a rally in California.

During the protest an unhinged anti-Trumper attacked the group.

The thug screamed, pushed, cursed at and bullied the Trump supporters.


Then he spit on a female Trump supporter… in the face!

This video was posted by Zacharias Abel@ZachariasAbel also on YouTube and Instagram.
Thank you Zacharias for permission to post this shocking video.

The good news is… The thug got arrested.

And at one point one of the attackers tried to steal a skateboard and US flag from the Trump supporters.
The attacker was not able to get away with his crime. He got whacked instead.

Brandon told The Gateway Pundit — “It was a pro-Trump rally at the Federal Building in Los Angeles. At first it was just a pro-Trump rally. Counter-protesters from Antifa were there earlier in the day and they were overtaken by MAGA supporters with no violence. Then later after Antifa left the area this guy parked his car and got out and started threatening people as the video shows.

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