Trump Rips Crooked Hillary For Deleting 33,000 Emails and Turning the State Department Into a “Pay-For-Play Cash Machine” (VIDEO)

President Trump held his 2020 campaign kick-off rally in Orlando, Florida Tuesday night to a massive, overflow crowd.

The crowd went wild when President Trump ripped into Crooked Hillary Clinton for her countless crimes and obstruction of justice.

“If you want to know how the system is rigged, just compare how they came after us for three years with everything they have versus the free pass they gave to Hillary and her aides after they set up an illegal server, destroyed evidence, deleted and acid-washed 33,000 emails, exposed classified information and turned the State Department into a pay-for-play cash machine!” Trump said.


The crowd broke out into chants of “lock her up! lock her up!”

“33,000 emails! Think of it!” Trump exclaimed.

We may find Hillary’s ‘missing’ emails deep in the State Department Trump hinted. “Let’s see what happens. We now have a great attorney general…let’s see what happens,” Trump said to a cheering crowd.


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