TAG-TEAM TECH TERRORISM: Facebook Deletes Conservative-Leaning Natural News After Daily Beast Publishes Horribly Sourced Junk Hit Piece

The Daily Beast is a far left junk website that pushed the Trump-Russia collusion hoax for over two years.

Of course, it was a complete lie, a major hoax and a disgusting con-job on the American public.

On Saturday The Daily Beast published a nasty hit piece on the conservative leaning Natural News website.

According to Natural News founder Mike Adams, the hit piece was wildly inaccurate and horribly researched. “The details they published were so ridiculously fabricated that I’ve never even heard of many of the accusations before. They reported on actions by a previous owner several years ago. Our nonprofit publishes public reports. I’ve never even taken a salary from the nonprofit.”

Despite the lies and fabrications in The Daily Beast junk report Facebook shut down the Natural News Facebook page two hours later.
It certainly appears, once again, that liberal publishers are working with Facebook to eliminate conservative voices online.

Mike Adams added, “It’s clearly coordinated. The timing was irrefutable. It’s tag-team RICO Terrorism.”

And, like many conservatives silenced by far left The Republican Party refuses to act as Americans continue to lose their First Amendment rights. Mike had this to say about the current Republican party, “The Republicans are a suicide group and will not help us. We need a leader like Nigel Farage or a thousand of them.”

Facebook continues to ramp up its campaign to silence conservative voices.
Natural News is their latest victim.

Will you be next?

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