‘Syrian Refugee’ Admitted to US Under Obama Arrested on Terrorism Charges After Planning Attack on Christian Church in Pittsburgh

Imagine our shock — one of Obama’s poor Syrian ‘refugees’ was planning on killing Christians.

A Syrian ‘refugee’ who was admitted to the US in August of 2016, was arrested Wednesday on terrorism charges after planning an attack on a Christian church on behalf of ISIS.

Federal prosecutors accused Mustafa Mousab Alowemer, 21, of planning a terrorist attack on a Christian church on the north side of Pittsburgh “to support the cause of ISIS and to inspire other ISIS supporters in the United States.”


The bombing was supposed to take place in July of this year according to the Justice Department.

ABC News reported:

According to the criminal complaint, Alowemer was born in Daraa, Syria and was admittedto the U.S. as a refugee in August 2016.

He allegedly provided “multiple instructional documents” on how to build improvised explosive devices, referred to as IEDs, to an undercover FBI agent who he believed was a fellow ISIS supporter, according to the DOJ.

The complaint also alleges that Alowemer further detailed his plans and support for ISIS and jihad in social media communications.

“Alowemer also distributed propaganda materials, offered to provide potential targets in the Pittsburgh area, requested a weapon with a silencer, and recorded a video of himself pledging an oath of allegiance to the leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi,” the DOJ said in a statement.

The DOJ also said Alowemer had drafted a “10-point handwritten plan” related to a plot to bomb the church, and printed out copies of satellite maps from Google which he provided to a source working for the FBI as well as an undercover FBI employee.

Barack Obama flooded the US with Muslim ‘refugees’ and the dangerous program, although greatly reduced, is continuing under President Trump.

Why are we still allowing people from terrorist hotbeds to flood into the US?

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