Sweden BOMBING: 25 People Injured after Massive Explosion Hits Apartment Buildings

Guest post by Peter Imanuelsen, more commonly known as Peter Sweden

A massive explosion hit two apartment buildings in Sweden this morning, injuring some 25 people and causing material damage to 250 apartments, shattering windows and destroying balconies.

The bomb squad was called to the scene and the police say that it appears that an explosive device was placed outside the buildings. However the police say that they are not treating this as a terror incident.


Magnus Skoglund from the Swedish police say that they are investigating motorcycle gang as a potential lead, but it is nothing that can be confirmed. According to BT, their sources say that the motorcycle gang Bandidos is behind the attack.

Videos taken by victims of the attack show the massive damage caused by the explosion inside their apartments.

“A shockwave came from the right that lifted the car up from the ground. Then I saw how material from the building started to fall down…I saw two men in their underwear and women screaming” eyewitness Bajram Hoti told SVT.

“It looks like a warzone. Helicopters are in the air” eyewitness Amanda Nyberg told Expressen.

There has been a large number of explosions in Sweden the last few years as we have reported on earlier, however the scale of this attack and the number of injured is larger than what we have seen before.

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