Senate Republicans Now WEAKER THAN Barack Obama on the Border …Who Do They Represent? And Is It Time for a New Party?

It took some real effort and keen leadership but Senate Republicans have now achieved the impossible.

Republican Senators are now worse on immigration policy than Barack Obama.

The McConnell led GOP Senate refused to fund Trump’s borderr wall but this week they are voting for more funding into delivering self-trafficked Central American teens into the hands of family members who themselves are here illegally.

How they got this idea is anybody’s guess. But one thing is clear — they DO NOT represent or support this Republican President.

President Trump is a one-man wrecking crew. It is just too bad the Republican Party is so weak and deceitful that they will not support this historic leader.

Illegal aliens boast their country of origin as they caravan by the thousands across the US border.

Can you imagine the disastrous future we hold with these treasonous Republicans leading the party?

Marcelo del Pozo at Conservative Review reported:

Senate Republicans clearly believe their job is to protect illegal aliens before Americans.

After refusing to make Democrats take a single tough vote for an entire year of this immigration crisis, after refusing to push legislation changing a single policy or pushing back against the courts that impelled this crisis, Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans are finally taking action. However, the action they are taking consists entirely of more humanitarian funding for the illegal aliens empowering cartels and smugglers, to the detriment of Americans. No changes to asylum, Flores, sanctuary cities, or judicial jurisdiction over immigration – the catalysts for this crisis – just funding for more diapers and formula.

Nobody wants to see this humanitarian crisis, but the best way to solve it is to shut it off. Then there won’t be a humanitarian crisis, because illegal aliens will be dissuaded from coming. Throwing more money at the problem in an attempt to more efficiently streamline catch-and-release will further fuel the humanitarian crisis by incentivizing more of them to come, not to mention endanger the Americans our lawmakers swore an oath to protect.

Most of the money Republicans plan to allocate in the Wednesday markup at the Senate Appropriations Committee is not even for Border Patrol and ICE, but for Health and Human Services (HHS). They are literally pumping several billion dollars more into an operation that one judge referred to as completing a criminal conspiracy, delivering self-trafficked Central American teens into the hands of family members who themselves are here illegally. Fewer than 10 percent of those sponsoring the Central American teens are here legally. Congress should allocate more funding to deport those criminal smugglers, not streamline their operation by rewarding them with the goal of their conspiracy…

…McConnell has shown no signs of getting more aggressive to enforce Senate rules and force talking filibusters on critical bills. Thus, even if Trump wins re-election and Republicans reclaim control of the House, McConnell is not willing to use a single tool or leverage point to get the full wall funding or other enforcement priorities.

OVER AND OVER AGAIN… Republican Lawmakers Refuse to Support Trump or His Voters — Is It Time to Brexit the GOP?

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