REPORT: Bayer Bows to Radical Leftists – Stops Advertising on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Ingraham Angle”

Tucker Carlson

Bayer is the latest giant corporation to cave to pressure from radical leftists and decided to drop their advertisements with two prime time hosts on Fox News.

Bayer has stopped advertising on two of Fox News’ primetime shows, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Ingraham Angle” according to Judd Legum, a reporter for Popular Information.


Judd Legum cited an anonymous inside source, however the company has not made a public statement yet.

Radical Communists regularly target conservative outlets, radio hosts and tv hosts for deplatforming and put pressure on advertisers as a way to snuff out conservative voices.

Laura Ingraham is being targeted this week because she supposedly ‘defended’ Paul Nehlen, a man who previously disparaged Jews on Twitter, by including him in a list of people who have been censored by social media deplatforming.

“Anyone who watches Laura’s show knows that she is a fierce protector of freedom of speech, and the intent of the segment was to highlight the growing trend of unilateral censorship in America,” Fox News said in a statement.

Bayer previously stopped sponsoring Ingraham’s show when she mocked David Hogg, the arrogant Parkland student who complained about being rejected by multiple colleges.

It looks like after resuming advertising with Laura Ingraham, Bayer, once again has caved to the radical left.

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