Rep. Matt Gaetz Announces He Will Press Charges Against Democrat Politician Who Assaulted Him with Milkshake (VIDEO)

Unhinged leftists surrounded Congressman Matt Gaetz as he was leaving a town hall in Florida in early June.

One woman threw a milkshake at him while her friends cheered and shouted insults at him.

After the incident, police arrested Amanda L. Kondrat’yev on Battery charges.

Kondrat’yev actually ran for the congressional seat in 2016 — against Rep. Matt Gaetz!

She ran as a far left Democrat against Matt Gaetz in 2016.

She couldn’t beat him then so she assaulted him on the street!

On Wednesday Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) told Sean Hannity he will press charges against Amanda L. Kondrat’yev.

Via Hannity:

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