JUST UNBELIEVABLE! Valerie Jarrett: Why Would We Want Anyone to Put Their Thumb on the Scale to Influence an Election (VIDEO)

Valerie Jarrett, former Senior Advisor to Barack Obama, joined Neil Cavuto on Coast to Coast on Thursday morning.

During her discussion with anti-Trumper Cavuto Jarrett had the complete gall to lecture President Trump on foreign operatives influencing US elections.

This comes after Barack Obama and the Obama deep state used foreign intel services to spy on Trump and used a British created and Hillary Clinton funded junk Russia dossier to spy on Trump and his campaign.


Valerie Jarrett: I think by his own FBI Director’s words that’s something that you’re not supposed to do. And why would we want anybody think putting their thumb on the scale for our election. Right? So you have to ask yourself why would they be giving you that information in the first place.

Of course, Neil Cavuto gave her a complete pass with her string of lies and smears against President Trump.

Via Coast to Coast:

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