JUST IN: Charred Remains of Missing Utah College Student Found – Suspect Ayoola Ajayi Charged With Aggravated Murder

Charred remains of missing 23-year-old Utah college student MacKenzie Lueck were discovered after police searched Ayoola Ajayi’s home.

Neighbors said they saw 31-year-old Ayoola Ajayi burning something in his backyard, according to reports.

Salt Lake City police had been searching for MacKenzie Lueck for 11 days before they discovered her charred remains.

According to reports, MacKenzie was dropped off at Hatch Park at 3 AM by a Lyft driver after landing at Salt Lake City airport on June 17. The Lyft driver was cleared of any involvement in Lueck’s disappearance and murder.

Authorities combed through MacKenzie’s phone and social media records where they made the connection to Ajayi — both were at the same park at the same time of her disappearance and Ajayi initially denied knowing MacKenzie.

According to the New York Post, investigators had also been digging into Lueck’s dating apps after receiving tips that she was interested in older men and casually seeing several people.

Ajayi’s booking record in jail says he was born in Nigeria, reported Heavy.com:

There is a self-published book for sale on Amazon called “Forge Identity.” The author, Ayoola Ajayi, says in his bio: “Ayoola Ajayi was born and raised in Africa. He has been a salesman, an entrepreneur, and a writer. He has survived a tyrannical dictatorship, escaped a real life crime, traveled internationally, excelled professionally in several industries, and is currently curating a multi-platform advertising campaign for his debut novel, Forge Identity, a sample of which can be found on Kindle, Amazon, Facebook, and any current social media. He lives in salt lake.”

More from CBS News:

The Salt Lake City Police Chief fought back tears as he spoke about notifying MacKenzie’s parents of their daughter’s horrific murder:

Ayoola Ajaya was charged with aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, obstruction of justice and desecration of a body of MacKenzie Lueck, the Salt Lake City police chief said.

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