Former People Mag Reporter Corrects WaPo Junk Hit Piece on President Trump and the NYC ‘Wilding’ Gang …Updated

The Washington Post falsely accused Donald Trump of posting a full-page ad in 1989 calling for the execution of the Central Park Five and suggested the men might still be guilty, even though they were exonerated years ago.

The Washington Post article claimed Donald Trump’s ad specifically called for the Central Park Five to get the death penalty.

The New York Times later said he did NOT call for the death penalty.

Former People Magazine reporter Victoria Balfour covered the 1989 case during the trial in 1989.  She even interviewed a man who’d been assaulted by the Central Park ‘wilding’ gang of 30.


Victoria covered every day of that trial in 1990  and says every day Al Sharpton and his supporters trashed the rape victim as a slut, or an actress.

Balfour also recalls that they said her injuries were just “makeup.”

On Thursday Victoria Balfour sent a letter to the Washington Post inquiring when will they post a correction to their false claim against Donald Trump.

To the Editors,

I was astonished to see your story by Colby Itkowtiz in the Post, claiming that Trump’s ad called for the Central Park Five to be executed.

This is false. I covered the Central Park case and attended every day of the trial in 1990 for People magazine. I recall that ad and it did NOT specifically call for the death penalty for the Central Park 5. Did anyone from your staff even bother to read the ad?

Thankfully the New York Times correctly pointed out in its article that Trump did NOT call for the death penalty specifically for the Central Park Five and unlike your false headline, did not call for the death penalty for them

Very different from your story

Will the Post allow your misleading story to stand or issue a correction?

Please let me know if/when you corrected

We will post an update if-when we hear more from the Washington Post.

Once again, isn’t it interesting that the mistakes and hit pieces are ALWAYS against our President Trump?

UPDATE: Via Victoria Balfour: The Washington Post took down the headline that said Trump called for the execution of the Central Park 5 and took it out of the piece.

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