EPIC! Judicial Watch Boss Tom Fitton Has Perfect Response to Comey’s Pandering Tweet

James Comey, Tom Fitton

Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton had the perfect response to Comey’s tweet this week.

Sanctimonious fired FBI Director James Comey posted a picture of himself on Twitter this week wearing a t-shirt celebrating pride month.


“Happy Pride Month everybody” Comey said in a tweet on Friday.

Tom Fitton dropped in and responded to James Comey with a picture of himself wearing a t-shirt with the Judicial Watch slogan, “Because no one is above the law.”

Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch have been on the front lines exposing Spygate and Deep State corruption targeting President Trump.

Judicial Watch just this week sued the Justice Department for a secret FBI chart of potential violations of the law by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Judicial Watch has filed over 50 lawsuits to expose the Obama/Clinton/Congress/Deep State abuses…

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