EPIC! Candace Owens Trolls Ocasio-Cortez in her Own Staged Parking Lot Fence Photo-shoot!

Photos were released on Tuesday of Democrat Socialist leader Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sobbing at a border entrance gate.

The horror of the experience moved her to tears.
It was suggested that AOC was sobbing presumably at the sight of migrant children being inhumanely detained.

The sobbing Ocasio-Cortez was holding her hands over her face to hide her pain.

AOC posted the sad photos to her Twitter page.

However new photos show Ocasio-Cortez was crying in an empty lot.

Here’s another shot from the empty lot.

Via Summit News

On Thursday conservative star Candace Owens trolled Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with her own parking lot fence photos.

Candace Owens wrote on Twitter: “I decided to stage a photoshoot just like AOC!”


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