D-Day Trumpet Returns to Normandy on 75th Anniversary Remembrance Ceremonies (VIDEO)

This week marked the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion.

President Trump and Allied leaders met in Normandy today for the solemn anniversary of the largest seaborne invasion in world history.

FOX 4’s reporter Brandon Todd shared the unique story today of one of the survivors from D-Day.

The story starts with David Anderson, who has breathed life into lots of old, tattered and beaten instruments over the years. One trumpet he was given was a bit different.

The trumpet belonged to a young U.S. Army Sgt. Richard Wank, who lept off a Higgins boat yards from Normandy Beach on D-Day while never letting the instrument leave his grip.

“He was standing at the front of the boat and when the ramp dropped he jumped off and heard an explosion, turned around and everybody was dead,” said Jeff Wank, his grandson. “He makes it to the beach, gets shot along the way and laid on the beach for a while with that trumpet underneath him.”

Two days later still alive and clutching the trumpet, Sgt. Wank was found by medics.

On Thursday the University of Texas Alumni Band performed at the Normandy ceremonies.

Renowned musician Kenny Bierschenk was asked to perform Taps at the ceremony today.

It was a beautiful performance.

Here is more on the story.

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