BREAKING: Google-YouTube Completely Demonetizes Top Conservative Steven Crowder – Following Silencing Campaign by VOX

Just two days ago Steven Crowder posted a video on how VOX was trying to ban his channel.

And he wasn’t exaggerating the attempts by VOX to silence him, either.
VOX contributor Carlos Maza led a campaign to have Stephen Crowder banned and silenced by Google-YouTube.

Steve Crowder has 3.8 million followers on YouTube — an enormous number.

On Wednesday Google-YouTube demonetized Steven Crowder. Steven is the latest victim in the left’s silencing campaign.
They want to starve him to silence.
This is today’s left. Steven is not the first victim and won’t be the last.

If you oppose the fascist left you must be silenced.

Of course, the fascists at The Daily Beast are cheering the news.
This is the same organization that doxxed a black Trump supporter this past weekend.

Hate speech on the left is totally accepted.

It’s just too bad there is no opposition party out their to support its base.

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