BREAKING: Acting Border Chief John Sanders Resigns

John Sanders

John Sanders, the acting Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection is resigning effective July 5 after backlash.

The New York Times reported that Mr. Sanders is stepping down amid media backlash over the treatment of detained illegals at the southern border.


Copy of resignation letter (via Axios):

No one cared when Barack Obama put children in cages wrapped in foil, but now that Trump is president, the media all of a sudden has a microscope on the illegal alien detention centers.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, including children have crossed over into the US seeking asylum this year.

The immigration centers are overwhelmed and border patrol agents have turned into babysitters and are supplying record number of diapers and other supplies for the illegals.

According to recent reports, children in the immigration centers are being held without soap and toothpaste and diapers are scarce. We’re supposed to just take care of unlimited illegals who show up to the border.

Vice President Mike Pence blamed Congress for the lack of supplies at the migrant detention centers on the border.

We need to completely close the border and stop our dangerous asylum policies which have created a magnet for illegal aliens.


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