Alyssa Milano Takes Chauffeur-Driven Mercedes To Florida Detention Center, Promptly Gets Bounced

Actress Alyssa Milano is really starting to lose it.

The amateur activist on Wednesday drove out to an immigrant housing center in Florida — well, rode out in a chauffeured — and tried to enter the facility.

“I’m Alyssa Milano. I’m an actress/activist and I would love to be let in based on a community visit.”


In a series of videos live-streamed on Twitter, Milano demanded to be let in to the privately-run border facility.

“I just asked to be let in to the Homestead detention center based on a community visit,” Milano says in one video, as if being an actress somehow lets you walk into privately owned buildings.

In the lengthy video, Milano asks security guards  why she can’t go in (they calmly tell her visitors must be cleared by upper management).

After repeatedly being turned away, Milano shot another video from comfy backseat of her chauffeured ride claiming officials said she could scheduler a visit in two week. “Of course in that two weeks they have the time to clean up the place. I thought it was important that they just let me in,” she said.

“Milano then described the alleged conditions inside the facility, claiming children were having pencils and pens taken off of them because they were using them to self-harm,” The Daily Mail reported.

Fighting tears, she said: ‘There are thousands of children at Homestead. They had pencils and pens taken away from them because they were cutting themselves.

‘They are not allowed to have any physical contact with each other to comfort each other even if they’re siblings.

‘The 17-year-old, once they turn 18, they’re put into solitary confinement and then shackled and brought to an adult detention center.’

The conditions she described have been reported by others who visited the sites.

Milano then urged followers to turn up at the centers themselves.

‘Please educate and empower yourselves. Use your voices, we can all make a difference.

‘If you have any of these detention centers in your community, please show up. Ask to be let inside – make sure they know that people are watching and that we’re going to continue to watch and as always.

‘Thank you for your support. And your love. I feel honored to be able to use my platform in this capacity.

‘That’s all. Let’s all use our voices to try to get these centers shut down.’

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