“You’re Going to Jail, Lady!” Heckler in Vegas Crowd Tells Hillary Clinton She’s Going to Jail On Final Date of Speaking Tour (VIDEO)

Bill and Hillary Clinton got heckled by a “Deplorable” on the last night of their speaking tour dubbed “An Evening With the Clintons” in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday.

At the opening stages of the speaking event, a man who describes himself on Twitter as a combat veteran heckled Hillary Clinton and told her she’s going to jail.

“I’m a Deplorable! I’m a Deplorable!” the man yelled. “You’re going to jail, lady! — “Alex Jones sends his regards!”

Members of the audience moaned as Hillary got heckled.

Hillary Clinton responded to the heckler and said, “we have some people who’d rather shout than talk and listen.” Of course the crowd full of Clinton sycophants cheered her response.

“I bought myself a ticket and I had a plan to let Bill and Hillary know that we weren’t going to have them in Nevada uncontested,” the combat vet said in a tweet linking to video of him heckling Hillary.


The combat veteran was eventually escorted out of the building by security.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to the combat vet who heckled Hillary for comment and he told this reporter that Hillary Clinton was actually introduced Sunday night as ‘Madame Secretary and President of the United States.’




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