Uber Driver Charged With Kidnapping and False Imprisonment – Told Two Women “You’re Not Going Anywhere”

A Penn State professor moonlighting as an Uber driver was charged with kidnapping two women over the weekend in Pittsburgh.

Richard Lomotey, 36, was charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and harassment after he picked up two women for an Uber ride, tried to lock them in his car and told them, “you aren’t going anywhere.”

According to the criminal complaint, the two women told Pittsburgh police that Lomotey ignored the directions on the Uber app and he made comments about him being a single man and that he “wanted to get with them” moments before he pulled over his car.


Lomotey then locked the doors and told the women, “you’re not going anywhere.”

Thankfully the women were able to jump out of the car, run away and call 911.

NBC reported:

Police searched the car’s license plate from the Uber app information and matched it with Lomotey’s vehicle registration. Penn State University confirmed that Lomotey is an assistant professor of technology with the school.

“These allegations are deeply troubling and we have revoked his access to campus as we look into this matter,” the school said in a statement. “This is obviously a criminal matter and we cannot comment further.”

Police informed Uber of the incident and the company said in a statement that it revoked Lomotey’s access to the app.

“What’s been described is unacceptable,” Uber said in a statement. “The driver’s access to the app has been removed and we stand ready to cooperate with law enforcement to support their investigation.”

It is becoming a regular occurrence now that Uber drivers (often times foreign males) are being accused of kidnapping and or assaulting passengers.

Uber’s IPO on Friday was a huge disappointment — the ride-hailing company’s stock tumbled over 10% on Monday, the first full day of trading.

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