Twitter Suspends Coptic Christian Account for Criticizing Muslim Brotherhood, an Egpytian Designated Terrorist Group

Twitter on Friday banned Lady in Medicine, a Coptic Christian who opposes the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Egyptian and Saudi government have designated the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

There are rumblings that President Donald Trump may place the Muslim Brotherhood on the US list of terrorist organizations.

Coptic Pope Tawadros II issued a statement in August 2013 during the Obama-endorsed Arab Spring protests. The Coptic pope blasted the Muslim Brotherhood, the Obama administration and the EU after at least 82 churches were attacked and torched including many from the 5th century.

A Facebook page by the Muslim Brotherhood blessed the unprecedented number of Coptic Church burnings in August 2013.
Dozens of ancient churches were set ablaze during the Arab Spring protests.

The Muslim Brotherhood is linked to US based CAIR organization.

But Twitter will not allow any criticism of the radical Muslim Brotherhood.

Via Jack Posobiec:

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