Trump TEARS INTO LIBERAL REPORTER: “Excuse me. I’m Talking. I’m Answering this Question. You Are Very Rude” (VIDEO)

On Friday President Trump spoke for an hour on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The two covered topics like the Mueller Report and both agreed “there was no collusion.”

It is not clear if the Deep State FBI is still listening in on his calls to world leaders or if they will leak out a transcript of the call.

After the call President Trump spoke briefly with reporters in the White House. During his statement President Trump was interrupted by an agitated reporter. The reporter asked if the president told Putin not to meddle in the next election. The liberal media is still pushing the absolute nonsense that Russia’s $70,000 ad spend on Facebook flipped the election to Trump.
Trump unloaded on the reporter.


Reporter: Did you ask him not to meddle in the next election?

President Trump: Excuse me, I’m talking. I’m answering this question. You are very rude.

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