Trump-Hating GOP Rep. Justin Amash Fires Off Unhinged Tweetstorm Attacking AG Bill Barr

Justin Amash

Trump-hating GOP Michigan Rep. Justin Amash fired off 25 tweets Tuesday morning attacking Attorney General Bill Barr.

Amash received a lot of attention recently after he tweeted out that President Trump should be impeached.


Justin Amash became the first GOP congressman or senator to call for Trump to be impeached.

Amash also accused Attorney General Bill Barr of misleading the public about the findings of the Mueller report — and he’s at it again.

This guy is completely unhinged. Bill Barr released the entire Mueller report over a month ago, save for the grand jury material, and he’s still whining about the process.

Amash finished his unhinged tweetstorm by accusing Barr of using his position to sell Trump’s “false narrative to the American people.”

Amash and his family have a vested interest in China — he must really be upset over President Trump’s trade war with China.

In 2010 Rep. Amash’s Democratic challenger cut ads accusing Amash and his family of owning factories in China.

In response Amash told MLive:

The family’s company has staff in China to “facilitate trade” and “make sure we get what we’re looking for,” but said it has no manufacturing plant there.

According to his financial disclosure forms, Amash is a co-owner of Dynamic Source International, a Chinese company that supplies Michigan Industrial Tools Inc., his father’s Wyoming-based business.

Dynamic Source International is based in YUHANG DISTRICT HANGZHOU ZHEJIANG CHINA.

No wonder Amash is such a Trump-hater and wants him out of the White House.  Trump’s trade policies will help American workers but may not benefit the Amash family business– especially their business interests in China.

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