Revealed: Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Betrayed President Trump – Recommended FBI Director Chris Wray

Guest post by Joe Hoft

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova identified the culprit who betrayed President Trump and recommended Christopher Wray as the replacement for James Comey.  Clearly this recommendation has kept the Deep State running the FBI as Director Wray is in no way for justice and draining the swamp.

Et tu Brute!  The famous words from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.  Caesar was betrayed by his best friend Brutus.  When Brutus stabbed him, Caesar’s says, “and you Brute!”  This famous line is symbolic of all betrayers since the words were shared by the famous Roman emperor himself.

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova was on radio station WMAL and he identified the culprit who betrayed President Trump and recommended Christopher Wray as the replacement for James Comey.  (Listen to interview here).

Early in the interview DiGenova notes that FBI Director Chris Wray classified a document sent to the FBI in October 2016 before the corrupt FBI made their application for the FISA application to spy on candidate Trump through the Carter Page warrant request.  The document Wray classified notified the FBI that Christopher Steele’s Trump – Russia dossier was a fraud.  At first Wray’s FBI denied its existence to Congressional requests.

Director Wray eventually was forced to unclassify the document because there was no reason to classify it other than to protect corrupt FBI players in the Deep State.  This document was then released and it shows damning evidence that Obama’s Deep State FBI knew the Steele dossier was a fraud before they used it to spy on Trump.

The DiGenova interview was great in many ways.  One point that the former US Attorney noted was who was so reckless and sinister to recommend President Trump hiring Wray in the first place.  That individual was former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

At the 3:30 minute in the interview, DiGenova discusses corrupt cop Chris Wray.  He also states that it was Chris Christie who recommended him.

Christopher Wray is a card carrying member of the Deep State.  DiGenova says that he was a Mueller and Comey protege.  Wray has continued the Deep State FBI’s practice of redacting material to cover FBI crimes.  He has allowed corrupt agents and attorney’s to remain in their positions.  He has allowed them to roam to and from the corrupt Mueller investigation.  Over 40 FBI agents worked for Mueller.

Chris Christie did the President and the nation a major disservice when the big guy recommended Chris Wray for FBI Director.  Wray must be removed and the FBI cleaned out or it should just be shut down.  No other actions will clean the criminals from the once proud law enforcement entity – the FBI.

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