PUSHY JOE: Reporter Says Biden Campaign Physically Blocking Media From Asking Questions

Joe Biden hasn’t had a very good roll out on this, his third run for the White House. Before he even entered the race, a slew of women came out and said he touched them inappropriately. Then he said he actually believed Clarence Thomas accuser Anita Hill (although way back during the Supreme Court justice’s Senate confirmation hearing Biden called her a liar). Then President Trump nicknamed him “Sleepy Joe” (and Trump’s nicknames stick).

Now comes word that Avuncular Uncle Joe, who’s 76 and should know better by now, is not playing nice with the media.

A freelance reporter who’s on the Biden beat says campaign staffers are going to extreme lengths to cut off his access to the candidate, in some cases even getting physical.


Marcus DiPaola, a videographer traveling with Biden in Iowa, wrote on Twitter yesterday that campaign staffers are blocking reporters from asking questions — then taking photographs of anyone who objects.

“A reporter approached @JoeBiden to ask a question and a member of his staff told the reporter to leave, and when the reporter explained that they were just doing their job, the staffer said she was too,” DiPaola wrote. “The staffer then took a photo of the reporter.”

But he had more to say — much more.

Hey, if it works for Biden — smelling hari, that is — maybe it’ll work for the press.

DiPaola went on: “A THIRD reporter just told me that a staff member physically put their body between @JoeBiden and the reporter, moments ago at this rally in Des Moines.”

And then there’s this video:

Oh Joe, we wanna’ love (the mainstream media says we’re supposed to), but you can play nice with others, OK?



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