President Trump Takes Late Night Shot at FBI Director Wray Following Declassification Order of Spygate Docs

Christopher Wray

President Trump is on a roll!

Shortly after President Trump authorized AG Barr to declassify Spygate documents, he turned his ire toward FBI Director Wray for stonewalling.


Judicial Watch boss Tom Fitton slammed FBI Director Wray Thursday evening for stonewalling a FOIA request for former FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s text messages.

“FBI refuses to search text messages under FOIA. Director Wray needs to step up and stop this stonewalling that protects corrupt former FBI officials Comey. McCabe, Page, Strzok….” Fitton said — and Trump agreed with him.

A former FBI agent is battling the Justice Department for Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe’s text messages and emails related to his involvement in the bureau’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server.

Two weeks ago conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch filed a motion in the US District Court in the District of Columbia on behalf of retired FBI supervisory special agent Jeffrey Danik.

The FOIA lawsuit against the DOJ for McCabe’s text messages was filed two years ago but the FBI tried to get the FOIA thrown out, sending Judicial Watch back to court to fight for the requested documents.

It is a known fact that the FBI can produce McCabe’s text messages and emails.

Sara Carter pointed out that Inspector General Michael Horowitz made it clear these messages are stored and retained by ESOC.

“The FBI has the technological capability to search for and produce text messages,”according to the Inspector General. “The FBI, Enterprise Security Operations Center uses a commercial, off-the-shelf, automated application to wirelessly collect text messages sent to or from FBI-issued mobile devices.”

President Trump also took a shot at FBI Director Wray a couple weeks ago for covering for the Deep State and distancing himself from the term “spying.”

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