Mini-AOC Strikes Again With Another Spot-On Video Mocking Ocasio-Cortez

She’s the hardest working 8-year-old girl in America (maybe, but we don’t know many 8-year-old girls).

Anyway, Ava Martinez is back with another perfect impression of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the New York Democratic socialist who talks like a Valley girl.

“Like, hello America, AOC here again,” Ava says in her latest video. “But this time from Washington, D.C., which is named after our first president — George Washington D.C.”

“Like, I want to tell you about my plan to single-handededly save the planet. I call it the Green New Deal. I picked green because I’m still learning my colors. I came up with my plan after we were watching, like, the most important documentary on climate change. It’s called Ice Age 2: The Meltdown,” she says, referring to the animated 2006 hit movie. “That’s not me saying it, that’s science.”

“My Green New Deal will cost, like, 93 trillion dollars. Do you know how much that is? Me neither. Because it’s totally worth it. If sea levels keep rising, we won’t be able to drive to Hawaii any more,” she says.

Sitting in a little pink car, Ava says: “I just got this electric car. it’s eco-friendly and everyone has to drive one under my deal. And that’s why I bought one for my boyfriend, too, illegally, using campaign donations. Well, you bought it for him.” Her so-called boyfriend drives up and she tells him not to speak. “I do the same thing to Pelosi and Schumer,” Ava says, referring to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, both Democrats.

As the boyfriend drives away, you can see a sign on the back of the car that reads: “Free @RealJamesWoods.”

Watch the video below.

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