HUGE! MUELLER LIED! Nunes Drops BOMB and Reveals State Dept. Met with Joseph Mifsud in 2017 in Washington DC! (VIDEO)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) went on with Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this morning.

Nunes dropped several bombs during the interview.
Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann ought to be VERY WORRIED!

Rep. Nunes accused the Mueller Special Counsel of angry Democrats of lying to the American public in their report.  Nunes alleged that deep state operatives were selectively leaking and planting information in the mainstream media and then using this same disinformation in their report.


Nunes also accused the Mueller team of lying about Joseph Misfud.  Dirty cop Mueller alleged in the report that Joseph Misfud was a Russian operative.  This was a lie.  Misfud worked with Western operatives.  He is suspected of being an FBI trainer and asset.  And…. According to Nunes Mifsud visited the State Department in Washington DC in 2017 — likely AFTER Trump was inaugurated.  This is a MAJOR OMISSION by Robert Mueller, Andrew Weissmann and their band of angry Democrats.

Rep. Devin Nunes: We spent $30 million on this as taxpayers and they can’t even tell us who Joseph Mifsud is? So we’re getting to the bottom of this. We believe he has ties to the State Department. Actually, our State Department had him in the United States capital in 2017!

This is HUGE news!
It means Robert Mueller ABSOLUTELY LIED in his final report on the Trump-Russia investigation.

Via Sunday Morning Futures:

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