House Judiciary Democrats Spar With Mueller Over Testimony – Mueller Hesitant on Testifying – Doesn’t Want to ‘Seem Political’

Robert Mueller

House Judiciary Democrats are reportedly sparring with Mueller over limited terms set by the Justice Department for his testimony.

The Democrats originally wanted Mueller to testify before Congress on May 15, however, the plans fell through because of ongoing negotiations and concerns Trump would assert executive privilege to prevent Don McGahn from testifying.

The Justice Department wants Mueller to give a closed-door testimony and the Democrats on the Judiciary want the special counsel to answer some questions publicly.

A Justice Department official said Mueller’s team is “directly negotiating with the Hill.” reported ABC News.

ABC reported that according to sources, Mueller doesn’t want to publicly testify because he doesn’t want to appear political.

Mueller’s entire witch hunt was a political hit job – perhaps he shouldn’t have hired 18 Democrat donors for his ‘dream team’ to hunt down President Trump.

If Mueller didn’t want to appear political, he shouldn’t have used Hillary Clinton’s phony dossier as a reason to harass Trump and his associates then release a huge report full of lies and omissions smearing President Trump.

Furthermore, Mueller completely ignored Hillary Clinton’s collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election — but he doesn’t want to appear political.

Democrats want to ask Mueller about whether Trump should be charged with obstructing justice even though Mueller passed the baton to Attorney General Bill Barr to make that decision.

Mueller doesn’t want to answer questions from Republican lawmakers who have already poked holes in his final report.

Nadler previously threatened to subpoena Mueller if necessary.

“We will subpoena whoever we have to subpoena,” Nadler said. “We will hear from Mueller. We will hear from McGahn. We will hear from a lot of other witnesses.”

President Trump is right — the Democrats are upset Mueller’s investigation didn’t end in an indictment of Trump so they are looking for a “do-over.”

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