‘France Does Not Belong to the French!’: Hundreds Of Illegal Migrants Storm Paris Airport

Hundreds of illegal migrants on Monday stormed into the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, demanding to granted permanent residency.

“France does not belong to the French! Everyone has a right to be here!” one migrant yells in a video clip posted on Twitter.

The footage shows hundreds of illegal migrants occupying Terminal 2 to protest Air France being involved in deportations as they demanded permanent residency.  The protesters called on the airline to “stop any financial, logistical or political participation in deportations.”

The group calls itself the “Black Vests,” similar to the “Yellow Vests” who have been protesting Emmanuel Macron for months. The Black Vests demanded to speak to Macron’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe.

“In an official statement, the group said it wanted to meet with Mr Philippe to discuss the country’s asylum policy,” the Daily Mail reported.

‘It is not by chance that we find ourselves in this place,’ the group said, amid reports it chose the airport because of its proximity to the town of Le Mesnil-Amelot, the site of an administrative detention centre for migrants.

An Air France delegation met with the group on Sunday, local newspaper Le Parisien reported.

But one migrant told the paper that the protests would continue until the demands were met.

‘We have targeted Air France, and other actions will follow,’ he said.

The occupation comes amid protests by France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ movement, which began over fuel tax reforms and have continued every Saturday for more than six months, leading to some 4,000 injuries.



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