Former CIA Director John Brennan Gives Marching Orders to Democrats: “There Needs to Be Follow Up Action” on Mueller Report (VIDEO)

Controversial Special Counsel Robert Mueller held a press conference on Wednesday on the Special Counsel findings where he smeared President Trump and then ran from the microphone and took no questions.

Mueller muddied the waters by suggesting that his crooked special counsel of angry Democrats could NOT find that President Trump DID NOT commit a crime.

This was a disgusting, reprehensible display by the former and corrupt FBI director.


Following Mueller’s presser former CIA Director John Brennan gave his marching orders to Democrats.

John Brennan: “The public statement today is going to give momentum to those who want to move forward with impeachment hearings. I think there can be no doubt about Mr. Mueller’s message that the obstruction of justice issue is not resolved and that there needs to be a follow up action on it.”

John Brennan seems a bit worried these days.

Via The ingraham Angle:

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