FIREWORKS! AG Barr Slams Mueller’s “Legal Analysis” – Says “Did Not Reflect Views” of the Justice Department (VIDEO)

Attorney General Bill Barr sat for an interview with CBS’s Jan Crawford in Alaska on Thursday that aired on Friday morning.

Barr spoke bluntly about the corrupt Democrat-Deep State-media and made it clear that he is unfazed about the attacks on his reputation.

At one point Barr sharply rebuked Mueller’s “legal analysis” in the Weissmann Mueller report and said it does not reflect the views of the Justice Department.

Barr seemed to take a swipe at Weissmann, Mueller’s “pitbull” lawyer who spearheaded the Russia probe and likely concocted the gargantuan 448-page report smearing Trump and his associates.

“We didn’t agree with the legal analysis, a lot of the legal analysis in the report,” Barr said. “It did not reflect the views of the department. It was the viewpoint of a particular lawyer or lawyers, so we applied what we saw was the right law.” OUCH!


Barr took another shot at Mueller in this same interview when he said that Mueller “could have reached a decision” on whether Trump “obstructed justice.”

“We saw the special counsel yesterday make that statement… He then said he really couldn’t make a decision. Do you agree with that interpretation?” CBS’s Jan Crawford asked Barr.

“I personally feel he could’ve reached a decision… He could’ve reached a conclusion. The opinion says that you can’t indict a President while he’s in office. But he could have reached a decision as to whether it was criminal activity,” said Barr.

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