Ex-CIA Chief John Brennan Triggered After Trump Trolls Him and Deep State Circular Firing Squad

John Brennan

President Trump trolled the Deep State circular firing squad Friday afternoon.

The president tweeted out a cartoon of ex-CIA chief John Brennan, former DNI chief James Clapper and former FBI Director James Comey all pointing at each other.

A circular firing squad has formed as Spygate begins to unravel.

Comey is blaming Brennan for pushing the dossier and Brennan is claiming it was Comey’s idea to use the dossier in the IC assessment report.

James Clapper knows he is in hot water because AG Bill Barr is investigating the dossier briefing Comey gave Trump at Trump Tower New York and the leaks to the media following the meeting.

Clapper admitted he leaked the dossier briefing to CNN’s Jake Tapper — and now Barr is investigating this leak.

John Brennan got triggered and immediately responded to President Trump (he stalks Trump’s Twitter account).

“Young people everywhere: Please do not emulate Mr. Trump’s very immature behavior. Find others of honesty, integrity, & decency to be your role models. And always try to do what you know is the right thing, even when doing what is right is both unpopular & difficult,” Brennan said in a tweet Friday.

Brennan is the architect of Spygate — he has no room to lecture anyone on honesty, integrity and decency.

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