Donald Trump Jr. Thumps ‘Da Nang Dick’ Blumenthal in Epic Comeback

Senate Democrats and disgusting Republican RINOs want to continue to harass and abuse President Trump and his children surrounding the Russia-collusion hoax.

Earlier this week Republican idiot Richard Burr subpoenaed Donald Trump Jr. to return to the Intelligence Committee and ask questions regarding his 20 minute conversation with a Russian lawyer.

It really is unbelievable how awful the Republican party has become!

Donald Trump Jr. said no thank you to the request. The witch hunt is over.

On Friday phony hero Da-Nang Dick Blumenthal attacked Rudy Giuliani for pressing Ukraine on the DNC and Biden family corruption cases.

Da-Nang Dick tweeted: First Don Jr.’s “I love it” & now this. Despicable, unpatriotic, & a blatant violation of campaign finance law. Failing to hold the president accountable for the facts uncovered by the Mueller report will result in more of this. My Republican colleagues need to wake up.

That’s when Donald Trump Jr. dropped a bomb on the phony hero.

Donald Trump Jr.: Hey Da Nang Dick, You know what’s unpatriotic? Stolen Valor!

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