DISGUSTING! Anti-American Democrat Ilhan Omar Blames US for Disaster in Socialist Venezuela (VIDEO)

In Venezuela, after 20 years of Chavista Socialist economics, the people are starving, inflation is at 1.3 MILLION percent, the economy has collapsed and people are eating from dumps and garbage cans.

Over 3.4 million Venezuelans are seeking refuge abroad.

Venezuela had one of the most successful economies in Latin America 20 years ago. Then Hugo Chavez was elected into office and implemented his Socialist policies. The rest is history.

But on Wednesday Democrat mouthpiece Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed the United States for the crisis.
Ilhan hates America. She deeply hates America.

Omar told Democracy Now that the USA “lead the devastation” in the socialist country and is “bullying” Maduro – a man who starves, butchers, shoots and runs over his own people.

This was disgusting.

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