Dem Sen. Kamala Harris Calls on DOJ Inspector General to Investigate Whether White House ‘Improperly’ Ordered DOJ to Open Probes

Democrat Senator and 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris (CA) called on the Justice Department’s Inspector General to investigate whether the White House ‘improperly’ ordered the DOJ to open investigations into the coup plotters.

President Donald Trump is the head of the executive branch — someone should remind Kamala Harris of this.

“I’m calling on the DOJ Inspector General to investigate whether the White House improperly ordered or pressured Barr to investigate the president’s perceived enemies,” Kamala said Friday in a tweet, adding, “Barr refused to answer this under my questioning in the Senate Judiciary Committee. We need answers.”

Kamala Harris asked Bill Barr Wednesday during the Senate hearing whether anyone from the White House ordered him or pressured him to open probes into the illegal CI investigations into Trump and his associates during the 2016 election.

Bill Barr said he couldn’t recall if he had any discussions with anyone in the White House about the probes.

The Democrats are terrified of AG Barr because he’s about the rule of law, unlike Jeff Sessions who was a huge coward and recused himself from his job.

Sessions allowed his Deputy to hijack the Justice Department and appoint a special counsel to terrorize Trump, his family and associates – Rosenstein, Mueller and Weissmann ran the DOJ for nearly 2 years and blocked all investigations into Hillary Clinton and Spygate.

Bill Barr said he believes ‘spying did occur’ and launched a massive investigation into Spygate.

The Democrats are working around the clock to take down Barr with outrageous accusations he committed a crime when he lied to Congress about a March 27 letter Mueller sent him.


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