Chicago Police Shut Down Busy Street For ‘Suspicious Device’; Turns Out To Be Can Of Ravioli

The Chicago Police Department’s got egg on its face. Make that tomato sauce.

City police officers shut down the busy downtown State Street on Tuesday to investigate a suspicious device. The officers acted “out of an abundance of caution,” said Officer Michael Carroll, a Chicago police spokesman, the Daily News reported.

The object was weird looking: Some sort of can-shaped device with four wheels, held together with rubber straps and tape.


But it turned out the suspicious device was a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli. In the video below, a police officer holding the device can be heard saying it was part of a school project. “A DePaul spokeswoman said it was a prototype of a car, made by a student in a design class. The student placed the device on State Street to take a photo, she said,” CBS-2 reported.

“Police shut down the 200 block of State Street around noon. The street was open by 12:30 p.m,” CBS-2 reported. “The Red Line, which runs right underneath State Street was briefly shut down, police said.”


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