Buzzfeed Attacks 14-Yr-Old Conservative YouTube Star – Now She’s Getting Threats and Allegedly Spit on at School

On Monday Buzzfeed decided to take aim at a 14-year-old conservative YouTube star because they don’t like her message.

“Soph” has nearly a million followers on YouTube.  Her quick wit and audacious banter has made her a YouTube star.

And Soph is politically incorrect so the soy boys at Buzzfeed hate her.


On Monday Buzzfeed’s Joseph Bernstein attacked Soph for her potty mouth and conservative beliefs — it offends him.

Buzzfeed wants YouTube to suspend her account. Since their hit piece Soph has had at least two of her videos removed by Facebook.

And Buzzfeed contacted her school and now Soph is being harassed, threatened and even spit on.

This is how the left operates.
They see themselves as heroes as they threaten and harass children.

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