BREAKING: President Trump’s Motorcade Involved in Accident on Louisiana Highway – Three Officers Injured

Image via Jennifer Jacobs

President Trump’s motorcade was involved in a accident on Interstate 10 near Lake Charles in Louisiana Tuesday afternoon.

President Trump’s vehicle is fine, however, three officers who are a part of the motorcade are down and injured.


According to CBS, the circumstances of the crash were not immediately clear.

“I saw 3 officers down on Interstate 10 near Lake Charles as Trump motorcade headed to Hackberry. One in grassy ditch, sitting up. One flat on his back on highway shoulder, bleeding. A third standing up, bleeding from his arm. Our whole side of highway was closed to traffic,” WH correspondent for Bloomberg News Jennifer Jacobs reported.

President Trump departed the White House Tuesday morning to travel to Louisiana to tour and give a speech at a natural gas export facility.

The President reportedly ripped into Democrat 2020 candidates during his speech in Louisiana Tuesday, calling Bernie Sanders “crazy” and slammed Pocahontas for her low poll numbers.

This is a breaking story…please check back for updates. 

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