Austrian Media Suspects Western Intelligence – Possibly the US – Behind Leaked Video Damaging Ruling Conservative Government

Screengrab from the leaked video

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz called for snap elections after a two-year-old video was released in the German press this weekend showing his coalition partner Heinz-Christian Strache discussing contracts with a woman posing as a Russian oligarch’s niece.

The video is two years old and just dropped days before the EU elections.

We reported this from our Gateway Pundit source in Vienna on Saturday…

The Austrian right-wing government has resigned — as soon as possible new elections are pending.

The German media released a two-year-old video, which they leaked, anonymously. The video shows a conversation between two gov’t politicians (the Vice Chancellor and one more) while on vacation in Ibiza. The conversation was secretly filmed. NOW, after 2 years the video was leaked to two German newspapers, two far left newspapers.

In the video, the two politicians behave like pubescent adolescents and developed wild political fantasies and claimed support by a few major industrialists…………. Alcohol was in the game and also a beautiful woman.

It would be interesting to discover who is behind the video, possibly the Germans themselves – SPD/lefties, or the Vienna SPÖ/lefties? Hopefully it will be announced as soon as possible and BEFORE the elections, but that is not likely.

A political earthquake was triggered by the videos.

According to the police, the tape drop was done so professionally that the police suspect (public too) that a Western intelligence service is behind the action.

The newspapers, the two German newspapers, refuse to divulge their sources.

It is too strange that exactly ONE week before the EU election the video appears and was not published for 2 years. Who is behind it is deeply repugnant.

Now there is more about the culprits behind the lead in the German press.

Die Presse reported (translated):

A woman pretended to be an oligarch. Experts see absolute professionals behind the technical effort.

Vienna. FPÖ party chairman Heinz-Christian Strache and club chairman Johann Gudenus are not the first politicians who were elicited with a decoy explosive statements. The former ÖVP Minister of the Interior Ernst Strasser fell for a journalist who pretended to be a lobbyist. But where does the Russian oligarch come from?

There are already some wild speculations. Intelligence officials with whom “The Press” spoke hint at a staging of a Western intelligence service.

The professional profile of the woman and the underlying technical effort would point to absolute professionals. It is probably no coincidence that this video, which was already taken in 2017, now appears shortly before the EU election. It is intended to weaken the influence of the FPÖ – to show where it “really stands”. The FPO’s Russia contacts had been a big topic even before the National election in the intelligence community.

One worried how the cooperation will work in the future, it is told to the “press”. Above all, the US, which sits in virtually every major intelligence agency, has expressed a great deal of concern that information could flow away to Russia.

Angry western services

The fears have been confirmed. Only a few months ago, a member of the German army was arrested who spied for years on Russia. Consequences? Few. Also in the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and the fight against terrorism, two cases are known in which there is a suspicion of selling information to Russia. There are investigations underway – but at least one official is not even suspended. In March 2018, there was an attack on the spy Sergei Skripal, behind which Russia was suspected. While other EU countries were diplomats, this did not happen in Austria. And, last but not least, the house search in the BAT with all its consequences should be mentioned as a secret service disaster.

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