US Historian Doug Wead on Notre Dame Cathedral Fire: “I’m heartbroken by the Scene” (VIDEO)

Presidential historian Doug Weed, who has traveled to Paris every year since 1974, says he is in disbelief over Paris’ iconic Notre Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames.

Doug shared the amazing history of the Notre Dame Cathedral with Trish Regan on FOX Business Network.

Doug told Trish Regan about the entry arch on Notre Dame that took over 100 years and three generations to build.


St. Louis first carried Jesus Christ’s Crown of Thorns into the Sainte-Chapelle for the first time in 1238.

The Crown of Thorns is kept at Notre Dame Cathedral.

On the First Friday of the month, the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre, guardians of the relic at the Cathedral of Notre Dame, present the Crown of Thorns for adoration at the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

On Monday Notre Dame Cathedral was engulfed in flames.

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