This Was Awkward – Biden Mocked For ‘Make America Straight Again’ Message After Launching 2020 White House Bid

Joe Biden; photo credit Jonathan Tamari

Creepy Hands Biden officially launched his 2020 White House bid on Thursday and it’s already getting awkward.

Jonathan Tamari, a political writer for the Philly Inquirer reported Thursday that Biden, who is currently in Wilmington, Delaware, had a message to world: “America’s coming back like we used to be.”


So, basically MAGA…

The reporter then deleted his tweet after Biden was relentlessly mocked for hijacking Trump’s MAGA message and reposted another tweet with a fuller quote for ‘more context.’

Jonathan Tamari tweeted again: Asked about this message to the world Biden said “America’s coming back like we used to be. Ethical. Straight. Telling the truth”

So, Make America Straight Again?

Only hours into Biden’s 2020 run and he already made his first gaffe — this is going to be a fun presidential election cycle.

Biden was trolled for his awkward message.

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