President Trump Introduces George P. Bush in Texas: “The Only Bush Who Liked Me – He Got it Right!” (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump traveled to Crosby, Texas on Wednesday to speak with US energy workers.

During his speech he thanked the Texas politicians who came out to see him today.

President Trump gave a shout out to George P. Bush – “The only Bush that got it right.”


President Bush: Thanks also to Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush for being here. Where’s George. Where’s George? Come here George. This is the only Bush that likes me. This is the only one. Come here! I want to meet you. He’s a friend of my son. And he’s a great guy. And truly this is the Bush that got it right… That’s a great guy.
I like him. I like him. He’s going places.

Both George H. Bush and Barbara Bush did not vote for President Trump. Jeb Bush, George P’s father is also not a Trump fan.

But the younger Bush may potential.

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