President Trump Hits Mueller Hard on ‘Episodes’ Investigated For Obstruction “I Could Have Fired Everyone, Including Mueller If I Wanted”

President Trump hit Mueller hard on Thursday evening on the absurd obstruction allegations outlined in the garbage special counsel report that was written by Trump-hating, angry Democrats.

Mueller’s 448-page, lightly redacted report was released Thursday morning.

Mueller concluded that Donald Trump did not conspire with the Kremlin during the 2016 presidential election, however, he punted the obstruction of justice issue to Attorney General Bill Barr and DAG Rod Rosenstein.

Barr and Rosenstein concluded that Trump did not obstruct justice after reviewing Mueller’s ’10 episodes’ of potential obstruction.

Mueller’s team of angry Democrat donors desperately tried to pin obstruction charges on President Trump and failed.

President Trump went on offense Thursday evening, citing Fox News host Jesse Watters, who said Trump was being framed and decided to fight back — that is not obstruction.

Trump added that he had the right to end the whole witch hunt — “I had the RIGHT to use Executive Privilege. I didn’t!” Trump said.

TRUMP: “I had the right to end the whole Witch Hunt if I wanted. I could have fired everyone, including Mueller, if I wanted. I chose not to. I had the RIGHT to use Executive Privilege. I didn’t!”

The 10 episodes of obstruction questions outlined in Mueller’s report will no doubt be used as a vehicle by the Democrats to push for impeachment.

President Trump used his First Amendment rights to fight back against the Mueller coup — he could have fired Mueller, an inferior official in the Justice Department if he wanted to.

The President also used his Constitutional authority to fire his corrupt FBI Director, James Comey, a man who not only prompted the special counsel probe with a leak to the media, but he was also a witness in Mueller’s probe.

The new narrative going forward will be ‘Trump possibly obstructed justice so an investigation and possible impeachment is in order.’

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