Ouch! Trump Destroys Judge Napolitano: Ever Since I Said NO to Supreme Court Request He Has Been Very Hostile!

For months FOX News contributor and Judge Andrew Napolitano has hounded Trump on the conservative leaning network.

In December Napolitano acccused the Trump campaign of campaign finance violations.

And Napolitano said Donald Trump Jr. would likely be indicted by Robert Mueller.


And earlier this week Judge Napolitano suggest that President Trump obstructed justice in the Mueller probe.

On Saturday President Trump hit back twice as hard

Trump accused the FOX News legal expert of bitter fruit after he was turned down for a Supreme Court slot.

President Trump: Thank you to brilliant and highly respected attorney Alan Dershowitz for destroying the very dumb legal argument of “Judge” Andrew Napolitano. Ever since Andrew came to my office to ask that I appoint him to the U.S. Supreme Court, and I said NO, he has been very hostile! Also asked for pardon for his friend. A good “pal” of low ratings Shepard Smith.

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